About Us

Cheetahsoft Consulting Limited is a highly respected professional services company offering:

  • Data Science and Advanced Analytics Consulting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Management
  • Project Management and Outsourcing

Our Goal

Our goal is to help and support our clients in making better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and and together we help deliver the sustainable success they desire.

We achieve this feat by getting an understanding of their business and helping to collect, analyse and organize required data, transform the data into information and insight that leads to attainable success and growth.

Our Team

Cheetahsoft Consulting LImited is comprised of a growing team of exceptionally dedicated and passionate experienced and young consultants, analysts, statisticians, software and systems engineers, trainers and other personnel that are dedicated to supporting our clients success.

As growing private IT services firm, we have high quality, value-based innovative solutions for public and private sector organizations supporting health, financial services, ecommerce, retail and creative industries.

Our team of vibrant, innovative, passionate and dedicated experienced and young talents is growing and welcome you on board! Join us by sending your resume to HR Team

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